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New Home Builders

At A2Z Homes Inc. We understand and appreciate the position builders are put in when they are considering accepting a contingent buyer. Builders need to sell homes so they want to take the contingency on the other hand most sellers think their home is worth an average of four to eight percent higher than any other comparable property.

New home builders do not want contingent sellers sitting on the market for weeks or months at a time. A contingent buyer should be in escrow as soon as possible in order to lift the contingency.

A2Z Homes Inc. is actually a high tech company disguised as a Real Estate firm. We have more comprehensive data and analytics available to sellers than most other offices. Most importantly, we know how to make that data work for both the seller and the new home builder.

Often times a seller will not want to hear how much ‘Fair Market Value’ is on their home. With that said, it’s emphatically important to educate the seller on what the real estate market is doing, what average days on market are and why, along with price per square foot. If a seller does not adhere to a pricing recommendation from us, we do not make the recommendation to the builder to accept the contingent purchase agreement.

Accepting the challenge of contingent sellers is no easy task. When A2Z Homes Inc. takes a listing for a contingent buyer of a new home the clock starts immediately. A2Z Homes offers sellers the highest level of Real Estate tools and technology to sell homes fast. A2Z Homes Inc. will always act in a manner that a new home builder can rest assured that the highest level of professionalism and service will always be maintained. We speak fluently to sellers, we maintain a professional look and although we have a fiduciary responsibility to the seller we want to balance that with everyone’s best interest in mind including the ultimate goal of the new home builder.

Let me briefly show you why sellers love A2Z Homes Inc. When we take a new listing we automatically do each of the following to every new listing without exception:

  • Every listing receives its own custom website

  • We only use top professional photographers on every house

  • Each listing has a 360-degree virtual tour

  • Each listing is syndicated throughout California on multiple Real Estate platforms

  • There are 50 bullet points that each listing receives CLICK HERE (Coming Soon) to view more

So now we have established why a new home builder can feel confident referring A2Z Homes Inc. to contingent sellers. Now let’s discuss why A2Z Homes Inc. is different from other real estate offices. Did you know the California Association of Realtors (CAR) has said it is an ‘Anti-Trust Violation’ for a NATIONAL new home builder to refer contingent business to a NATIONAL real estate office? It essentially creates a local monopoly. You can call CAR’s legal hotline anytime and ask them for yourself. Because there are so many legal issues we keep local BPE Law Group on retainer . This is a free service A2Z Homes provides for new home builders that do not want legal fees showing on their bottom line net sheets. We have worked many years with attorney’s Stephen Beete, Keith Dunnigan and Robert Enos JD. Legal issues always come up, A2Z homes recognizes this and extinguishes any skeptical legal issues a new home builder may have when referring business to us. Beyond the ability of legally protecting a new home builder we also offer the following:

  • Free CMA or second opinion of value (We recommend always taking advantage of this especially when a contingent seller is listed with another office)

  • A2Z Homes Inc.  has partnered with over ten property management companies to help sellers find short term temporary housing while their new home is being built.

  • A2Z Homes Inc. offers free sales training to new hires or to a newer community manager that is just starting in the business. CLICK HERE (Coming Soon) for more details.
  • A2Z Homes Inc. offers a purchase guarantee. If a contingent listing of ours has not sold within the time frame we lay out, A2Z Homes Inc. will make an offer on the home ourselves.

  • A2Z homes trained Realtors understand this is not in any way a get rich quick program. Sellers often think the value of their home is far higher than actual FMV. We weed these people weeded out for you without reflecting poorly on the new home builder.

  • A2Z Homes Inc. Offers all of our technology at no cost to your ‘Move in Ready Homes.’ You need to sell the homes we bring you the buyers.
  • A2Z Homes helps sponsor and participate in all builder growth programs, whether you are needing sponsors for a canned food drive, golf tournament, BIA function, Community building and marketing or just team enrichment, you can be assured A2Z Homes wants your team to succeed.

  • A2Z Homes has sold over 1,000 REO homes between 2008 and today. This means we have hundreds of prospective buyers that will be wanting a new bigger home soon. This creates a mutually beneficial environment. 
Give us a call now at 916.799.8472 to discuss your needs as a new home builder and we will customize a program specifically for you and your team.